How tax-efficient are your financial decisions?

Tax is a hot topic at the moment. From the relentless focus on raising taxes to pay the Covid bill, to parents and grandparents wanting to preserve what they can for future generations.

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How tax-efficient are your financial decisions?

Everyone knows they have to pay taxes – they pay for services such as the NHS and education system. But people are concerned about taxes: the number of them and how much a particular tax may set them back. This might be especially true if you’ve been affected by the pandemic.

So what does ‘the crystal ball’ say – will UK taxes go up? And how can we make our money go further?

What we cover:

  • What do we actually mean when we talk about your ‘tax position’? Which taxes are most clients concerned about?
  • Can you ever miss the tax-efficiency boat?
  • If you’re new to looking at your financial affairs, where should you start?
  • How do we use our allowances effectively? And what if you’ve used your more well-known allowances – pensions, ISAs, etc.?
  • Is it true that there is a lot of time lost on paperwork and tax returns if your finances are structured in a more complex way?
  • If you’re thinking about giving money away, what do you need to consider?

A summary note from our speakers

Paying tax is important, but often people pay more than necessary because of how they manage their finances. But it’s a challenging area – some solutions may be quite simple, but others will be far more complex – so do take advantage of our free initial consultation with a financial planner to talk over your specific circumstances and goals.

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  • Neil Watson Managing Partner (Host)
  • Taina Moran Financial Planner and Director
  • Lee Harris Financial Planner

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