Helping the family

In this virtual event we’re looking at helping out your family financially and the best ways to do it.

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Helping the family

Louisa France (financial planning partner) is leading the troops as a host and is joined by the brilliant Jocelyn Davis, an estate planning technical expert, and Ian Dyall, our head of estate planning (from his music room).

In the current climate, we’re finding that clients are considering whether they should help out their children – especially their adult ones.

They may not have needed it before, but circumstances have changed for everyone with the pandemic – they may have found themselves furloughed, or worse still with no job or business.

They discuss:

  • How cashflow modelling helps you understand what you can and can’t afford to give away, taking everything into account – right down to how often you want a new car…
  • There are three main options for helping the family financially and each comes with its own list of pros and cons, comprehensively explained by Jocelyn and Ian. They are: directly paying expenses for children; direct monetary gifts or gifting assets (Jocelyn also explains why it could be a particularly good time to gift assets); and trust funds – and the protection they offer
  • Taxes – a very important factor – namely, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax and how these can affect giving away money or assets
  • Going forward with long-term planning and Inheritance Tax. Is gifting a big part of it? Ian explains that there is a five-step approach

A summary note from the speakers

This is a really complex area and people often need advice on it – clients can end up using a hybrid of different solutions for giving away their money. It’s important to make sure you are being tax-efficient with your gifting, etc. and that you can afford to be this generous. A professional and cashflow modelling can help with these.

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  • Louisa France (Host) Financial Planning Partner
  • Jocelyn Davis Estate Planning Technical Specialist
  • Ian Dyall Head of Estate Planning

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