Getting your affairs in order

We listen to technical specialists, Ian Dyall and Jocelyn Davis, speak to financial planning partner, Martin Holden.

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Getting your affairs in order

From sunny(-ish) residential streets in Maidenhead, Twickenham and Hurst, our presenters discuss getting your affairs in order and making sure everything is documented and up to date.

They cover topics such as:

  • Keeping your Will updated following any big life events – have you accounted for them? (Do you still own that holiday home you left to your son?)
  • What is the importance of a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)? If someone loses capacity to make decisions for themselves, an LPA will come into play. But when and how do you set one up?
  • Not all assets are covered by a Will. Main exemptions include joint-owned assets – e.g. bank accounts – and assets gifted in a trust. Did you know trusts can be useful when dealing with Inheritance Tax?
  • What about pension assets? Most pensions are not part of your estate – so how do you pass these on?  
  • During the coronavirus pandemic, what can people do to help their finances?

A summary note from the speakers:

It’s really important to make sure your finances are in order, for your own peace of mind and to ensure those dealing with them after you die don’t have added stress at an already emotional time. Maybe it’s not all that exciting but these are things you can get on with right now. If we can be prepared where possible, it might stand us in very good stead in the future.

We have a great way to keep control of your assets so that it’s easier for those dealing with them after you die. You can download our important documents log.


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  • Martin Holden (Host) Financial Planning - Partner
  • Ian Dyall Head of Estate Planning
  • Jocelyn Davis Estate Planning Technical Specialist

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