Fast-acting solutions to estate planning

Chris Copley – one of our managing partners – hosts this virtual event from his home in Hampshire – next to the (at the time of recording) deserted New Forest.

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Fast-acting solutions to estate planning

Many people are finding they have additional time to review financial plans. From other virtual events, you might know that some estate and Inheritance Tax planning solutions can take years to become fully effective, but others can be effective immediately.

Our brilliant experts explain:

  • Tax implications from gifting – mainly Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax. Gifting with trusts is also an option
  • The most important exemptions to be aware of: inter-spouse exemption, annual exemption, gifts to charity, and normal expenditure out of income exemption
  • Other quick wins for Inheritance Tax mitigation – is your life assurance policy written into a trust? What are the implications if not? And should all life policies be put into trusts?
  • Deeds of variation and their usefulness in estate planning – did you know they basically vary what a Will says (best illustrated by Jocelyn’s example)?
  • The importance of making use of allowances and reliefs, but don’t let the tax tail wag the dog! Could paying some tax be worth maintaining your security?
  • The residence nil rate band (a very complicated piece of legislation) and the nil rate band – is your Will utilising them properly?
  • Why now is a really good time to think about intergenerational planning – the earlier you start estate and intergenerational planning, the better
  • Using AIM shares to save on Inheritance Tax – is it possible? What is the heavy caveat that comes with this?

A summary note from our speakers

As Jocelyn says, the Government have spent a considerable amount to help businesses and individuals during the pandemic, so tax rates probably won’t reduce any time soon – the opposite is probably closer to the truth.

The solutions highlighted can be very effective for estate planning, but you need to ensure you take personal, professional advice before you make any big decisions to ensure it is the right move for you financially.

For example when it comes to AIM shares, you’re investing in smaller – and, therefore, more volatile – companies. At a time when even big companies are struggling, are you comfortable with this higher level of risk?

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  • Chris Copley Managing Partner
  • Ian Dyall Head of Estate Planning
  • Jocelyn Davis Estate Planning Technical Specialist

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