At Tilney we understand the unique challenges and circumstances faced by solicitors and barristers when it comes to personal finances. While you spend long days working with your clients, our financial planners and investment experts can give you advice to make sure your money is working hard for you.

Retirement planning and pensions

Retirement planning can be particularly complex for barristers and solicitors. We often help clients with:

  • Calculating their annual allowance and making pension contributions
  • Working out how much they can afford to pay into their pensions
  • Using other accounts, such as ISAs to save for retirement
  • Measuring their pension against the  lifetime allowance
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Structuring your finances tax-efficiently

You may not be aware of the various tax allowances and rules, let alone have the time to ensure you are making the most of them. We can help you to structure your finances tax-efficiently and give you advice on the available options – from paying into ISAs and pensions to using complex, high-risk schemes.

You may not have the time to ensure your finances are structured as tax-efficiently as possible.

We can also show you how much cash you may need to keep aside to settle your Income Tax bill each year.

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Forecasting your future finances

Using details of your current savings, income and outgoings, along with your future goals and plans, our financial planners can show you what your future finances could look like. This is called cashflow modelling, and it can help to answer questions such as:

  • How much Income Tax might I need to pay in the future?
  • Can I save more money each month?
  • At what age will I be able to stop working?
  • Can I afford to pay my children’s school fees or house deposit?
  • Will I leave behind an Inheritance Tax bill?

Investment services

  • Investing will usually form an important part of your financial plans, and the performance of your investments can seriously affect how much money you will have in the future
  • We have investment management and investment advisory services, depending on how much involvement you would like with your investment decisions
  • With both services, we will ensure you are invested in line with your individual goals, circumstances and attitude to investment risk
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Helping your clients

We often work collaboratively with lawyers and other professional advisers to help their clients with:

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