At Tilney we have experts who specialise in helping senior executives with their complex financial circumstances, and we provide executive financial counselling for a number of large businesses.

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You may need help with planning for retirement, managing Inheritance Tax, investing for the children in your life, or a more tax-efficient structure for your finances. Alternatively, you may need a full financial plan that meets all your goals and requirements. Whatever you want to achieve with your money, we can help you – and if necessary, manage your investments to ensure your goals become a reality.

Forecasting your finances

Our financial planners often use cashflow modelling to forecast a client’s future finances. This can help to answer questions about how much you should be investing for your future, at what age you can stop working and how much you are able to give away. We can also look at different scenarios such as:

  • Paying for children’s school fees, university or additional mortgages
  • Making a large equity sale or exiting a business
  • Retiring gradually over a number of years
  • Managing a potential Inheritance Tax bill

Retirement planning

Pension tax rules can be especially complex for higher earners. Our experts can help you with:

  • Making full use of your annual allowance, potentially using carry forward
  • Finding the most appropriate amount to contribute, based on the split between your personal and employer contributions
  • Planning for the lifetime allowance tax charge
  • Taking a tax-efficient retirement income from a combination of pensions, ISAs, other investments and cash savings
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Your personal tax situation

Whatever we are helping you with, the advice we give will be based on your individual tax situation. Your financial planner can structure your finances tax efficiently and ensure you are making the most of all available tax benefits and allowances – from simple accounts such as ISAs to more complex, riskier schemes.

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Estate planning and Inheritance Tax

Senior executives speak to us about estate planning for many different reasons. Some want to provide for the next generation or leave money to charity when they die, others want to cut an Inheritance Tax bill. Our financial planners can:

  • Work with you on an overall strategy for managing a future Inheritance Tax bill
  • Review the structure of your estate and recommend changes
  • Advise on the use of trusts to control who your money is passed on to and how it is used
  • Meet your beneficiaries to ensure a consistency in your family financial planning and a smooth transfer of your wealth, in line with your wishes
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Your investments

Investments may have an important part to play when it comes to achieving your future goals. At Tilney we have a range of investment services, depending on how much involvement you would like. Our experts can give you advice on your investment decisions or manage your investments for you.

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