Investing can help charities to grow their funds and build a sustainable future, but it is time-consuming, often complex and comes with risks. This is why many charities entrust our specialists to help them make the most of their money and achieve their investment objectives.

Investment insights and market commentary for charity professionals.

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Experience and expertise

At Tilney we have been helping charities to manage their money for more than 180 years. We have a dedicated team located across the UK that specialises in helping charities achieve their investment objectives. Our team manages investments for more than 230 charities, with an average portfolio size of £3-4 million (as at December 2018).

Your investment policy statements and objectives

Often, when working with clients our starting point is the investment policy statement. We can help you identify your charity’s investment objectives and look at factors such as income requirements, ethical considerations, investment restrictions and your risk tolerance.

We can help you to prepare your investment policy statements, or review your current statement free of charge.

We help many clients to prepare their investment policy statements, and can also provide a template as a starting point. If your charity already has an investment policy statement, we could review this for you and check the compatibility of your current investments with the policy – both free of charge.

Find out more about how we can help your charity achieve its investment objectives in this guide.

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Investment services for charities

We offer a number of investment services to help charities make the most of their money:

Tilney Active Portfolios
A range of nine portfolios that are actively managed by our experts, each designed for a different investment strategy and risk tolerance
Bespoke investment management
A dedicated investment manager will build a bespoke investment portfolio designed to meet your charity’s individual needs, and make all of the ongoing investment decisions for you
Investment Advisory Service
An investment adviser will recommend a portfolio of investment and give you advice on all your investment decisions, but you will have the final say over where your money is invested

Our investment philosophy and process

At Tilney our goal is to preserve and grow the value of our clients’ capital over time. We aim to achieve this by adhering to a consistent investment philosophy and process – these underpin all of our investment decisions, from our managed portfolios to our investment management and advisory services.

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Forecasting your charity's future finances

Cashflow modelling can be transformational in helping your charity achieve its goals as it enables you to forecast its future finances. Through cashflow modelling, you can understand if you are on track to achieve your charity’s goals, what you need to do in order to achieve them, and when they are likely to be achieved.

An expert financial planner can use cashflow modelling to look at how different scenarios might affect your charity’s finances and cash reserves. For example, you can look at the impact of different investment returns or a fall in the market before choosing which investment option is right for you. Cashflow modelling can also help you understand the effect that taking income from different sources can have on your charity’s overall finances.

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