At Tilney we have a long history of supporting accountants and have close relationships with large firms through to small practices. Many of our clients are senior partners and we have guided and advised them since their junior days.

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Whether you have your sights set on retirement, are in the middle years of your career or have just taken on a partnership, we can support you. We understand the challenges that people in your profession face, from complex compliance and independence rules to managing an uneven income or simply finding the time to devote to your personal finances. This knowledge and experience means we can help you make sure your money is working hard to secure the financial future you want.

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Pensions and retirement planning

Retirement planning can be particularly complex for accountants. You may need advice on:

  • Calculating your tapered annual allowance for pension contributions
  • How much you can afford to contribute without affecting your lifestyle
  • Protecting you from a potential lifetime allowance tax charge
  • Other later life planning, such as managing an Inheritance Tax liability

Forecasting your finances

It can be difficult to know what your finances could look like in the future, especially if your income varies each month depending on billing and workflows. We can use cashflow modelling to create a picture of your possible future finances – showing you how much income you may have, how much tax you may need to pay and how much extra cash you could afford to save.

We can also forecast different scenarios such as:

  • Paying for children’s school fees or a mortgage
  • Making extra  contributions into your pension
  • Succession planning
  • Phasing your retirement over a number of years, potentially working as a consultant or in a reduced capacity

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Your personal tax situation

You will be aware of the many tax rules and allowances, but may not have the time to ensure your finances are structured as tax-efficiently as possible. We can advise you on a range of options from simple ISAs to more complex schemes that carry a higher level of investment risk. We can also help you to save and invest as much money for your future as possible, while ensuring you have cash readily available to settle your Income Tax bill.

Your investments

The performance of any investments you have is likely to have a huge impact on the amount of money you have in the future. Taking into account any debt you have, we can show you how much money you could invest each year.

We can manage your portfolio for you or give you advice on all your investment decisions.

Our investment experts can then build an investment portfolio for you. We will manage this for you or give you advice on all your investment decisions, ensuring that you are always invested in high-quality investments in line with the level of investment risk you are comfortable taking.

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Supporting your clients

As an accountant, you will have clients who also have complex financial affairs. We can help your clients too. For example, we are experienced at working with business owners whether they are building their businesses or developing an exit strategy. We also help many clients with financial protection, Inheritance Tax planning and offshore investing.

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