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The Tilney Investment Podcast – how is coronavirus affecting the economy?

This edition of our podcast features Rohan Patel, an investment adviser, and Chris Godding, our Chief Investment Officer. They talk about the reaction of global banks to the pandemic and the related geopolitical issues

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Highlights of this episode

01:16 – The impact of coronavirus on the global economy – Chris’s latest updates

04:48 – What is the outlook for the global banking sector?

08:49 – US elections: China could be used as a scapegoat, according to Chris  

10:57 – Is Joe Biden a ‘positive’ candidate for the markets?

12:20 – Brexit: UK could be getting a “messy compromise”

13:45 – Chris’s outlook for oil and gold 

17:38 – Tilney portfolios: “We’re moving to active managers”, says Chris

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