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The Tilney Investment Podcast – are we moving beyond the keeping calm phase?

This edition of the podcast features Lucinda Johnson, an investment director from Tilney’s Birmingham office talking to Ben Seager-Scott, Head of Multi-asset Funds. At the halfway point, they look back at the first six months of 2021, discussing the latest Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting, inflation and markets.

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Episode overview

2:53 An overview of the characteristics we've seen in the markets – will the stay-at-home trades of Amazon and Netflix continue to thrive, or are the unloved names of energy and finance making a comeback?

7:53 The reopening of economies and the recovery reflation trade – commodities really sum up the reflation trade as some ‘safe haven’ characteristics become less attractive, yet oil is up 45% for the year so far

8:19 Update on the closely watched Fed meeting – this time a much more balanced rhetoric with signals inflation won’t be allowed to run out of control

13:58 Will the Bank of England follow a similar pattern and copy the steer of the Fed?

16:40 Looking forward to what’s in store – as economic recovery comes through and inflation picks up, is there a change in the messaging towards a kick-start for the recovery?

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