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Money, She Talked - the one about pensions

Do pensions excite you?! In this episode of Money, She Talked, we hear from two self-confessed pension lovers about why we need to embrace our pensions. Give us 25 minutes of your time and we’ll show you why it makes financial sense on so many levels

Pensions are unwieldy and complex – and the rules keep changing – but pension tax relief means you get free money when you pay into a pension. What’s not to like? This is the pension episode of Money, She Talked where Taina Moran and Louisa France, two financial planners and huge pension enthusiasts from Tilney, give us the lowdown on pensions and encourage us to get to know ours (remember they depend on individual circumstances). As Taina says, there’s a common misconception that you can’t influence your pension, so why bother? But this isn’t the case. You can – and the choices you make are likely to have a big impact on the way you live your life in future. And it’s not just about money: it’s about freedom and giving yourself options.

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Highlights of this episode

02:04 – Taina talks pension tax relief and taking advantage of employer contributions

09:29 – Louisa asks why so many women have smaller pensions than men

11:29 – How do you pay into a pension with so many demands on your cash? Louisa: “in my early career my spare cash went on my mortgage”

14:30 – Why is it important to know what your pension is invested in?

17:58 – People often say: "I’m planning to downsize my house or get a buy-to-let instead of a pension". Hear Taina’s reaction

21:50 – Dig out those old pension policies and get going

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The pension section of our website has more information on pensions and the latest allowances. And if you’re ready to conquer yours, remember we offer free initial consultations to help you get started.

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