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Money, She Talked – a conversation on insurance cover; are you covered?

In this month’s Money, She Talked episode we are joined by an expert financial planner and one of her clients in conversation about why serious illness insurance is crucial at any life stage.

In this episode of Money, She Talked, Sally Beresford, a financial planning partner from Tilney’s Manchester office, tackles the often-difficult conversations about what happens if you die or become seriously ill? We live in a world where anything can happen, so it is important to consider your situation if the worst-case scenarios do happen.

Sally is joined by Alex Lee, a client and friend, to discuss her story and why her and her husband Ronnie were so thankful to have had those tough conversations sooner rather than later.

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Highlights of this episode

4:16 – What happens if you fall off the ladder and can’t get to work anymore?

5:50 – Sally brought ‘the awkward conversations’ to the forefront – what happens to your partner and children if something serious was to happen?

8:11 – “I remember getting a text message one evening to tell us what had happened to Ronnie.”

10:01 – “…Completely out of the blue… Ronnie at 42… you just don't expect things like that to happen.

15:53 – Alex tells “everybody to get critical illness cover because [Ronnie] is the last person that you would have expected that to happen to… if it can happen to him, it can literally happen to anybody.”

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