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I want to spend less time thinking about money

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Mike’s spent his career in IT, starting as an apprentice in flight simulation. He learned quickly and soon realised that as new technologies emerged, the new blood were teaching the old guard about the nascent digital future. He was able to carve out a niche for himself.

Making the most of these kinds of opportunities as they arise is what Mike’s done his whole life: “as opportunities have arisen, I’ve gone for them,” he says. While he’s never had a big thought out plan, there came a point when he decided that his own future was something that he needed to start thinking about: “I was in my late 30s when I realised that I needed to have a plan.” Mike received a bonus for helping to sell a company he was working with and rather than spending it, he was introduced to a Tilney financial planner who helped him take the opportunity to invest it.

Despite his opportunistic streak, Mike doesn’t see himself as a big risk taker. He says that he’s always been a saver and that he came from an austere, debt-free environment, which has likely influenced his attitude towards money throughout life.

A trusted expert helping you out

Just as Mike’s shared his IT expertise with others during his career, when he first sought financial advice, it was because he recognised that there are financial planning experts out there who can help him achieve his goals. “I need someone behind me helping me out,” he says.

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I need someone behind me helping me out.

Someone helping him out in the lead up to retirement is Mike’s more immediate concern. “I took a retirement package some time ago but I ended up going back to work. Now, I feel ready for retirement,” he says. Over the past year or so, he’s been looking at his options with his financial planner, making sure he can achieve everything he wants to for the future.

Spending less time worrying and more time relaxing

Ultimately, his goals involve not worrying about money and being able to spend more time with his children and grandchildren, helping them out financially where possible. He also bought a property in Greece recently: “I want more time relaxing and swimming in the Aegean!”

I want more time relaxing and swimming in the Aegean!

With financial planning, Mike can see what he can afford to do and what he can’t afford to in the future. It gives him a sense of direction in life and he knows his financial limits. Tilney have proved to be the experts he wanted, “they help me understand where the risk is, minimise it and I’m very happy with that,” Mike says. “I’ve stayed with this company for so many years because I like what they do. They’re not afraid to tell me when I’m planning on doing something wrong! They empathise with me and understand me. They’re very proactive.”

Mike values a close relationship with his adviser and respects the fact that he has professionals working alongside him. And as for the overall Tilney experience he says, “I just trust them.” 

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