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Anna has been retired for 11 years but she had a long and rewarding career dedicated to helping others. She trained as a social worker and later found herself working within charities.

This life spent helping others has influenced Anna’s relationship with money. In a practical sense, working within charities meant that she wasn’t going to have a large pension, so she needed to be conscious and save. But on an emotional level, Anna feels a responsibility to use her money wisely, recognising the virtue of giving money to the right people at the right time.

“I grew up after the Second World War, and things have generally worked out OK for my generation,” says Anna. Having enjoyed relative economic security, Anna finds it very difficult to watch younger generations struggle to save, whether it’s for a house deposit or paying for education. “My heart goes out to them. I definitely feel a responsibility to help, and I have done what I can to assist over the years.”

Help to balance your aims

Anna’s attitude to money is very simple. As well as giving money away when she can, she doesn’t want to be a burden on her immediate family. “My savings need to pay for long-term care if I ever need it, and I don’t want my family to pay any significant taxes on money they inherit after I’m gone.” She doesn’t live a very extravagant lifestyle and doesn’t purchase anything unless she has the money for it. Ultimately, Anna says that she wants to be financially independent now and in the future, but she also wants to be able to give money away to help others.

For Anna, a good financial adviser is someone who can help her balance those aims. “The relationship I have with my financial planner is very important,” she says. “My financial planner needs to understand my own goals in particular so that we can work from a basis of trust. I see the value in financial planning and managing money and I’m very encouraged when I have a good financial planner.”

I see the value in financial planning and managing money and I'm very encouraged when I have a good financial planner.

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Security when managing money

Thankfully, Anna’s Tilney financial planner is someone who completely gets her goals. “I feel like I’m a custodian of my money – I look after it until I can pass it on. I can sense my Tilney financial planner is a good custodian of money, too. He provides security.” For Anna, Tilney’s sense of personal responsibility when managing clients’ finances matches her own feelings of responsibility when it comes to her money.

I can sense my Tilney financial planner is a good custodian of money, too. He provides security.

What are Anna’s aspirations? “As people around you are getting older and you see the effects of age, you realise that continued good health is the most important thing.” She wants to continue to be involved in community life in the area in which she lives and also go to the opera more. Her Tilney financial planner says Anna can definitely afford to do this – “although I don’t necessarily want to spend more, I’m being told that I can!”

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