Our employees are able to work remotely so that they can follow social distancing rules while continuing to advise clients and manage portfolios.  To help us during these unusual times, wherever possible please avoid sending post to our offices – instead, please use email or phone, or secure messaging available via My Tilney.

Following the introduction of the SMCR regime on the 9th December 2019, the FCA started their one year transition period of transferring the FCA register to a new Directory meaning the FCA register no longer shows Tilney Advisers as active and authorised to conduct their role. This means that providers can no longer utilise the FCA register to confirm the status of Advisers as per their business processing requirements.

The information below confirms that the adviser is a current employee of Tilney and is authorised to conduct Pension Transfers and/or Long Term Care insurance Products. It also includes the advisers Statement of Professional standing issue and expiry date along with the awarding body.

Only the minimum information is included and publication has been approved by the Privacy Office.

Adviser Name Position Office

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