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Investment services for US-connected clients

A dedicated service for US individuals, trusts and companies

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Combining more than 20 years’ experience of looking after US-connected clients with award-winning investment management, we provide a full range of discretionary investment services to US-connected individuals, trusts and companies.

Our specialist team has developed a range of investment strategies, and we are registered with the SEC in the US and regulated by the FCA in the UK in order to meet our clients’ needs in both jurisdictions.

Crucially, we can provide US tax reports via our US custodian, as well as UK tax reports where necessary. We aim to make the process of filing and submitting tax returns as straightforward as possible.

While our clients vary widely in their financial circumstances and investment objectives, the single aim we have for all of them is to deliver financial peace of mind.

Key features and benefits

  • Benefit from the expertise of a long established, award-winning company
  • We have developed a full range of investment solutions to suit the differing tax, currency and investment needs of our US-connected clients
  • We aim to keep investment administration to a minimum and to deliver the information you need in the way that you want to receive it. Our custodian generates the necessary tax reports in order to help make your US tax reporting more efficient
  • We work in partnership with our clients’ advisers to deliver a comprehensive service
  • Every situation is different, and we adapt our service to each individual’s needs. We set high standards in both our responsiveness to client requests and proactivity in keeping our clients up to date with the changing environment
  • We spend considerable time and resource understanding and managing the risks taken within client portfolios and ensuring these risks are aligned with client expectations

How we work with clients

The investment needs of US-connected clients are complex and multifaceted. Our US team has the experience and supporting infrastructure to meet these needs. Whilst no two cases are quite the same, we have set out some of the typical tax and residence situations experienced by our clients. In most cases, our clients’ assets are held with our New Jersey-based custodian, one of the world’s largest, which provides safe custody and all of the necessary US tax reporting.

US citizens and Green Card holders resident in the UK
The dual tax reporting requirement for this group of individuals creates a challenging investment environment. If unattended to, this can result in complex and onerous tax charges as well as significant tax reporting costs. We have a deep understanding of investing in this environment and have formed investment strategies that are tax neutral in both the US and UK tax regimes.
US residents
We manage our US resident clients’ investments to be compliant with the US tax regime, holding US mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and direct equity positions. Our fund research team compiles a list of recommended US mutual funds based on our due diligence process.
US citizens and Green Card holders not resident in the US or the UK
We invest within the bounds of US and local tax jurisdictions to create suitable portfolios, working in conjunction with our clients’ advisers. These portfolios generally consist of directly held equities and bonds, based upon our research department’s target portfolios. We often manage IRAs, UK pensions and UTMAs alongside our clients’ main investment portfolios, depending upon their individual needs.
US trusts and companies with US connections
We agree investment guidelines with the Trustees or Directors as part of the account opening process. These set out the range of suitable investments. Once established, portfolios are managed in line with these guidelines.

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