Our employees are able to work remotely so that they can follow social distancing rules while continuing to advise clients and manage portfolios.  To help us during these unusual times, wherever possible please avoid sending post to our offices – instead, please use email or phone, or secure messaging available via My Tilney.

We aim to preserve and grow our clients’ wealth over time. Our philosophy is underpinned by a disciplined and rigorous investment process that is consistent across our whole business, feeding into our discretionary and advisory client portfolios and our range of managed funds.

Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy consists of four key principles.

Preserve wealth
We focus on reducing the risk of loss as much as driving investment growth.
Grow capital
We aim to give you the best possible returns for a given level of risk.
We look at real returns
We aim to achieve a positive return after the effects of inflation, tax and all fees.
The importance of time
We invest for the long term, rather than trying to time the markets.

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Turning our philosophy into investment decisions

1. Asset allocation

We create a range of strategic asset models that are optimised to generate the highest potential returns for a given level of risk. We then make tactical changes as opportunities or risks present themselves, based on our latest macroeconomic views.

2. Investment selection

We maintain and continually review a concentrated set of investment funds that we believe are most likely to deliver for investors. We carry out statistical analysis on fund performance and take an in-depth look at the people, process and philosophy behind each fund.

3. Portfolio construction

These funds are used to populate client portfolios in line with their asset model. We diversify portfolios across individual investments, asset classes, sectors, geographical areas and investment styles to find the best risk and reward balance.

4. Continuous monitoring

We formally review our asset models every quarter, or more often if there is a change in our assumptions. We continuously monitor our set of chosen funds and will reassess our view every time there is a significant change, such as a manager leaving.

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