Investment Management Services

Discretionary portfolio management for private clients

Investing money effectively and profitably takes time and dedication, which is why increasing numbers of people choose to have their investments managed.

At Tilney we provide a range of investment management solutions. Each gives you access to our wealth of investment expertise and our team of highly qualified and experienced investment professionals who combine in-depth knowledge with a friendly and approachable attitude.

How we can help you

Investment Management Service

Receive a personalised service offering ongoing active management of your investments by our experts.

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Multi-asset portfolios

Select from a range of different investment strategies and have your investments managed by our experts.

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Managed portfolio service

Benefit directly from our expertise in fund research, portfolio construction, professional advice and ongoing management.

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US-connected clients

We have a specialist team that has developed a range of investment strategies for individuals, trusts and companies with connections to the US.

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In this guide:

  • We explain how our investment managers work with you to achieve your investment objectives
  • We set out our investment philosophy and explain how we build client portfolios

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