How much will you spend in your life?

If you knew how much money you would spend over your lifetime, would it change how you behave? And the parts of your life you prioritise?

Our new report, The Cost of Tomorrow: Forecasting Our Future Spending, examines how much we will spend across our lifetime. Based on our findings, in today’s money, the average British household will need an annual retirement income of £14,100 above the state pension so they can keep spending the money they want as they get older. For the top 25% of earners, that figure rises to £30,900 per year.

Want to see how much the average British household and the top 25% of earners will spend over the course of their lives?

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In this report:

  • How much money will an average household spend over a lifetime?
  • Pre-retirees underestimate their future spending – but to what extent?
  • What are people’s top financial and lifestyle priorities going into retirement – and does the reality meet their expectations?

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