Saving for children

Saving and investing for the children in your life

Our financial planners help many people to save money for the children in their lives. Some are parents investing to cover future school and university fees. Others are aunts, uncles and grandparents saving towards a first house deposit or wedding ceremony. However you are related and whatever you are saving for, we can make it as easy and effective as possible.

Questions to consider

There are several questions to consider when saving for the children in your life. What’s right for one person may not be right for another, so before you start you should ask yourself:

  • When is the money needed?
    Some accounts restrict access until the child reaches 16 or 18.
  • Are you the best person to invest?
    Sometimes it is more tax-efficient for grandparents to invest for a child.
  • How much do you need to save?
    Certain accounts limit the amount of money you can save in them.
  • How much control do you want?
    You may want to decide how the money is spent or when it can be accessed.

We can help you to make the right choice

There are many possible routes to go down when it comes to saving for the children in your life. They each have different tax rules and offer access to the money at different ages or with different restrictions. Our financial planners can explain the options and help you to make the right choice.

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