Pensions and retirement planning

Saving into a pension and taking your money in retirement

What does retirement mean for you? Some people want to travel the world or take up a new hobby. Others see it as a perfect opportunity to volunteer with a local charity or start their own business. Whatever you are planning for the future, we can give you the peace of mind that your money is working as hard as it can towards the retirement you want and deserve.

Find out if you are on track

Our financial planners will discuss your retirement goals with you and work out how much money you will need to achieve them. We can then forecast your future pension contributions to see if you are on track – or how much more you need to save if you aren’t.

Paying into your pension

Pension rules can be notoriously complex. Our experts have the technical knowledge to help you make the most of the available pension allowances and tax benefits. From using previous years’ allowances with pension carry forward to protecting your money from the lifetime allowance tax charge, we can make sure your pension is working hard for you until you start taking an income from it.

Taking your money

You have total freedom to take money from your pension after the age of 55, but what is the best option for you personally? Our financial planners will explain the available choices and help you to take the best combination of annuities, income drawdown and tax-free lump sums for your circumstances. We can also tell you how much tax you could be paying and check that you won’t run out of money later in life.

Using your ISA allowances

ISAs can play an important part in the retirement finances of many of our clients. Whether you need help investing your ISA when saving for retirement or taking tax-free income after you’ve retired, we can help you make the most of this valuable allowance.

We are with you every step of the way

These days retirement isn’t always about simply relaxing after many decades of hard work. Plans change, new opportunities arise and what you are doing at 60 could be completely different to 70. Throughout your retirement we can meet with you as often as you like to make sure your pension continues to meet your needs.

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