Managing your investments

Financial planners and investment managers working together

Investments play a major part in the financial plans of many of our clients. At Tilney we have in-house research and investment management departments with some of the UK’s most experienced and highly qualified investment professionals. This means we are in an excellent position to manage your investments and make sure they reflect your financial plans.

Two specialists working together

Our financial planners often work hand-in-hand with our investment managers to provide comprehensive wealth management. We call this our ‘two-expert approach’.

Investment management and financial planning are separate disciplines with different skillsets and qualifications. We believe that advisers trying to do the two jobs simultaneously will end up compromising in both. By working with two specialists we believe you get a much better outcome.

We can make all the decisions for you

We offer a discretionary investment management service for portfolios of more than £250,000. This means we make all the day-to-day decisions for your investment portfolio without consulting you. We also take full responsibility for how your portfolio performs. You can spend your time doing what you enjoy in life with the peace of mind that your investments are in good hands.

Before investing a penny we will also ask you how you feel about taking risks with your money and whether you have any other requirements. These could include investing ethically or generating a regular income. This information influences all our investment decisions and ensures your portfolio always reflects your unique needs.

There are other investment options

At Tilney there are several other ways to have your investments managed by our experts. These include the Managed Portfolio Service and our range of Multi-asset Portfolios. If you are interested in having your investments managed by experts, your financial planner can explain all of the available options and help you make the right choice.

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