How the service works

A personalised service

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for financial planning – our service is personal to you. Some people need one-off advice in a specific area such as passing on an inheritance. Others would like a comprehensive plan that covers all areas of their finances.

A specific area or a full plan

Our financial planners can help you to reach a specific goal. You may want to make sure you have saved enough money for the retirement you want, or pass on an inheritance without paying more tax than is necessary.

We can also create a full financial plan to meet all your goals and requirements. Our financial planners will look at every aspect of your finances, including your tax situation, to understand how advice in one area may affect or depend on others. Your plan will be tailored to your individual circumstances and priorities, taking into account your complete financial situation.

Are you on track?

Once we know what you want to achieve, our experts can determine whether you are on track to reach your goals and how long your assets could last. We will analyse your current wealth and forecast your future finances. This helps us to make sensible assumptions about how much money you may have and whether there could be a shortfall or a surplus.

Investment services

Investments play a major part in the financial plans of many of our clients. We offer a range of investment services depending on how much involvement you would like with your portfolio. Our investment managers and advisers can work hand-in-hand with your financial planner to ensure your portfolio always reflects your plans – we call this our two-expert approach.

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Reviewing your progress

Financial planning is a long-term process, not a one-off exercise. As your priorities change over time, your financial plans should too. We can work with you over the long term to make sure your plans continue to reflect your lifestyle, goals and overall tax situation.

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A full financial plan