How the service works

We will get to know each other

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for financial planning. Before we start working together we will get to know your aims. Some people have a specific goal such as passing on an inheritance or saving for retirement, others want to make sure their overall financial picture is as good as it can be. We are equally comfortable with both and everything in between.

We will also gain a clear understanding of your current situation – your assets and savings, outgoings and tax position. Investments often play an important role for our clients, so we may ask you about your appetite for risk and how long you want to invest for.

A personal solution

Once we know what you already have and what you want to achieve, we will explore all the options to see what would work best for you. At this point we may forecast your future savings and expenses to see if you are already on track.

We can then make a recommendation to help you reach your goal. This could be a piece of advice on a specific topic or an all-encompassing financial plan. If you have asked us to manage your investments then we will also show you the strategy we think will work best for you personally. After this, we can put your money to work.

We can review your progress and make any changes

As your life changes your financial plan should too. You may want to take fewer risks as you get closer to retiring, or begin putting money aside each month after the birth of a child or grandchild. We can work with you over the long term to make sure your finances continue to reflect your lifestyle and plans.

This normally happens during an annual review, but your financial planner can meet you whenever there is a change in your life. You will also have their direct telephone number and email address to get in touch whenever you need to.

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