Achieving financial independence

A combined financial planning and investment management service

Our financial planners and investment managers can create a financial plan and investment portfolio to help you gain financial independence. We will take the time to understand what is important to you – your lifestyle goals, priorities and financial requirements. Once we know what you want to achieve, our experts will work together to help you get there.

A plan for your complete financial picture

Our experts can work with you to understand your priorities, current finances and future goals. Then, they will create a bespoke financial plan, complete with an investment portfolio to help you achieve them. We can help you with retirement, using your tax allowances, passing on an inheritance or simply making sure your overall finances are in the best possible shape.

Our two-expert approach

We believe that your financial goals are most likely to be achieved by combining the expertise of a financial planner and investment manager, and that individual advisers trying to cover both facets of the advice process will end up compromising in one or both areas.

We can offer you the combined expertise of our in-house financial planners and investment managers in a single service. You will benefit from the specialist skills and qualifications that underpin each of these disciplines, with the speed and convenience of two experts working together under one roof to manage your wealth.

Ongoing reviews

Financial planning is a long-term process, not a one-off exercise. This is why your dedicated financial planner and investment manager will meet with you regularly to review your finances and tax situation as well as your objectives and priorities. They will ensure that your financial planning strategy and investment portfolio continue to reflect your individual needs, and make any changes to these when there are changes in your life.

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