Inter-generational planning seminar – Perth

Wednesday 30 May at 11am

Murrayshall House Hotel & Golf Courses

Like many people, you may want to pass on your wealth to the next generation. Inter-generational planning involves working with your family to find a successful way to pass on your money that avoids pitfalls and minimises the burden of Inheritance Tax.

If you want to know more about how we can help your family, join us on 30 May at 11am for an inter-generational planning seminar at the Murrayshall House Hotel, boasting one of the most beautiful areas in Scotland as its home. Afterwards, you can enjoy the 365 acres of stunning estate.

At the seminar:
  • We will discuss the demographics in the UK and the scale of the potential wealth which will be transferred over the next few decades

  • You will hear about how families can maximise these opportunities and manage the risks

  • We will look at where we think markets might be headed over the remainder of the year and beyond, and how our financial planners and investment managers can work together for you

  • There will be a Q&A session with our experts

  • A buffet lunch will follow the session


Harry Morgan

Investment Manager

Mark Wardlaw

Financial Planner

Charles Blackwell

Financial Planner


Wednesday 30 May at 11am


Murrayshall House Hotel & Golf Courses, Scone, Perth, PH2 7PH