Pension Question Time

Jaguar Visitor Centre
Birmingham, B35 7RA

This exciting event brings together a panel of Tilney’s highly knowledgeable experts to discuss, debate and exchange ideas on how to make the most of pensions.

While pensions come with significant tax breaks and are the mainstay of retirement planning, the vast array of different schemes and frequently changing legislation can make the UK’s pension system challenging for even the most financially astute among us.

To cut through the complexity and help you make sound decisions, we’ve compiled a panel with phenomenal technical expertise, years of experience in helping people achieve the financial futures they want and a healthy disregard for the impenetrable jargon that blights the pension industry.

We would love you and your guests to join us at the Jaguar Experience for this evening of vigorous debate, fascinating insights and delicious wine and canapés.

At this event:
  • Our pension experts Ann-Marie Atkins, Mike Williams and Eliana Sydes will share their vast pension knowledge and answer your questions

  • Investment manager Blair Winton will demonstrate how vital your choice of investments is to your future finances

  • Neil Watson, Tilney’s Managing Partner for financial planning in Birmingham, will chair the panel

  • Enjoy drinks and canapés with our team after the event

Submit a question for our panel

If you already have a question for our panel, or can’t make it to the event but would like to submit one, just email it to us. We will answer as many as we can during the event.

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  • Neil Watson Host
  • Ann-Marie Atkins Financial Planner
  • Mike Williams Financial Planner
  • Eliana Sydes Financial Planner
  • Blair Winton Investment Manager


Jaguar Visitor Centre
Gate 1, Chester Road
Castle Vale
B35 7RA

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