Estate planning

Passing on your wealth to the people that matter

Estate planning is about passing on your wealth to the people that matter to you in a way that achieves your objectives. It is not just about cutting Inheritance Tax. Estate planning encompasses everything from making sure you have enough money for your own life while giving money or other assets away during your lifetime, leaving a legacy, keeping control over how money is spent – for example by using trusts – to making provision for vulnerable people, and structuring your estate in the most tax-efficient way.

How Tilney can help with estate planning

At Tilney we have a specialist team that focuses exclusively on estate planning and we’re here to help you make the very best decisions. Here you’ll find a collection of recent material from our estate planning team, spanning informative articles, podcasts and videos. And, if you feel that you’d benefit from a conversation with a financial planner about your specific circumstances, we offer free initial consultations over the phone. We’d be very happy to speak to you so please do take up this opportunity – and, of course, there is no obligation to sign up for any of our services.

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