James Daly

Senior Associate, Relationship Management

James joined Tilney from Nutmeg and has worked in financial services since 1998. He spent 11 years at TD Waterhouse (now TD Direct Investing) where he carried out a variety of roles including trading, relationship management, client education and media relations.

James’s comments have been published in a wide variety of publications, including Shares Magazine, the Financial Times, the Guardian and the Daily Mail. He has also presented seminars (to audiences of up to 200 people) on topics such as fundamental analysis, economic indicators and using advanced trading software. James has written content on financial education for children in primary schools.

To give the best possible service, James believes it’s important to understand clients’ interests and motivations. He particularly enjoys meeting with clients. Whether you follow the markets actively or prefer to let someone else manage your investments for you, James will do his best to help you achieve your financial goals.